New Booking Push functionality for its booking customers

As of now, a new version of our Booking Push API is available: The initial Booking Push API, released in summer last year, introduced the possibility to subscribe to proactive booking status updates on existing bookings. With the new updated version of the API, we additionally inform API consumers about any transport plan and/or price change, giving full transparency on any relevant booking update.
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October 13th, 2023

Station information are now available via direct API connection

We have added a new API to our portfolio. Our station data is now also available via API. The API enables an easy deduction of our Station Information which are also available on our website. The information scope includes opening hours, export and import relevant details, addresses and many more information.

The Station Information API provides three operations. First you will get a list of all available Lufthansa Cargo Stations by IATA Code. The other two operations allow you to access the detailed information about our stations. The difference between these two operations is in the type of request. The GET request allows to request information for a dedicated single station whereby the POST request allows to request Information for a whole list of stations.

In a second version of this API we will add more Information about the Products available at our stations.

December 09th, 2022

New Filter option in get Routes API

Since last week, our getRoutes API allows filtering of "freighters and trucks only".

The filter option allows selecting only for connections where freighters and or road feeder services are in operation. Those who use our webservice searching for connections are already familiar with this feature. Filtering by freighter and truck connections has already been a standard feature on our Website. In order to keep our APIs user-friendly, we have now added this feature to our getRoutes API.

The filter is optional, there is no restriction for users who already have integrated the getRoutes API. The new filter can easily be added.
Try it your self - find here our latest Documentation.

June 23rd, 2022

Lufthansa Cargo introduces new AWB API

In March 2022 Lufthansa Cargo introduced its new AWB API. To emphasize the booking experience Lufthansa Cargo enables AWB stock requests directly and seamless via API. In addition to this, users have the ability to review previously digitally assigned and unused AWBs from their inventory.

Another feature of our API enables bookings on our global network and have an AWB automatically assigned. Which offers benefits such as quicker booking times with less errors within the booking process. The API is an example of driving new standards for cargo airlines in customer centric digital distribution.

The standard progression of an air cargo booking has relied upon the manual allocation of an AWB number - a process designed to reflect the paperwork of the past. Dealing with AWB stock requires big efforts for everyone who is involved in the booking process. Usually time is needed to request new AWBs from an airline, these loos of time prevent booking, and can cause an omission of business. has integrated the new API on their ePlatform first. Partners using to book shipments with Lufthansa Cargo can book immediately without needing to have a valid AWB number – Thanks to the new Auto Assign AWB operation within the new API.

April 12th, 2022