How to connect

It is very easy to connect to our API's!

Follow these steps:

  1. Apply for a key here. Please select the APIs you would like to use in our registration form.
  2. Setup the connection to our API gateway.
  3. Try the API. 

Apply for a key

To use our API you must first register an application and apply for a key. You will get a key: it is a shared secret that identifies you as a developer. A valid key must be sent with every request. You may ask for more than one key, but to get started, one key will suffice. Please contact us in this case. Subscribing to our API service will allow you to make a limited number of requests to the API. This should be enough to explore the API and its content. Once you develop an application for serious use, contact us to discuss raising your call quota.

Setup the connection to our API gateway

Our API is a collection of RESTful and SOAP web services. You interact with our resources by sending an HTTP message to a URL. The URL determines the resource and for RESTful services the HTTP method defines the type of action. The path determines whether you access the test or production environment.

Schema, host and port (443) are always the same:

This key must be sent as a HTTP header like this:

APIKEY: {yourApiKey}

Try the API

After you received your key and installed the connection, you can try our API. A complete example request looks like this:

GET /lh/handling/shipment?aWBPrefix=020&aWBNumber=11111111 HTTP/1.1

Operational Issues

In case of any issues in using our APIs, please use our template for "Operational Issues" at our contact page. This template will help you to submit all relevant information.