Routing Offer

Benefit from the broad LH Cargo network: Check your product’s flight options and timing. Retrieve possible direct and connecting route offers. Enter your starting and destination stations, Lufthansa Cargo product options and a date to receive a tailor made route overview.

Routes are always up-to-date and available up to 30 days in the future.

 The structures of all-sub-services of the Station Information API are defined in a Swagger. You can find the respective Swagger in our Interactive API.

Request URI

{origin} Departure airport 3-letter IATA airport code, e.g. “FRA”.
{destination} Arrival airport 3-letter IATA airport code e.g. "HKG"
{fromDate} Departure date in local time of the departure airport. Based on LAT (Latest Acceptance Time) yyyy-MM-dd
{productCode} Product code for requested service and specials

3-letter product code eg: "YNZ". please refer below table for all possible values

  • FAN - Service: td.Flash, Special: Safe/td 1
  • FCO - Service: td.Flash, Special: Cool/td active
  • FCP - Service: td.Flash, Special: Cool/td passive
  • FDG - Service: td.Flash, Special: Care/td
  • FTF - Service: td.Flash, Special: Fresh/td
  • FUN - Service: td.Flash, Special: Safe/td 2
  • FWN - Service: td.Flash, Special: Live/td
  • YCO - Service: td.Pro, Special: Cool/td active
  • YCP - Service: td.Pro, Special: Cool/td passive
  • YDG - Service: td.Pro, Special: Care/td
  • YNB - Service: td.Pro, Special: BUP
  • YNZ - Service: td.Pro, Special: [none]
  • YTF - Service: td.Pro, Special: Fresh/td
  • YUN - Service: td.Pro, Special: Safe/td 2
  • ZXB - Service: td.Flash, Special: BUP
  • ZXF - Service: td.Flash, Special: [none]
  • ZXO - Service: td.Flash, Special: Courier Solutions
{freightersAndTrucksOnly} Filter optional for freighter and truck connections only. Boolean

Request Examples


Response Structure

Element Description


Root element


Non-negative integer (starts with 1 and incremented by 1 for each additional request). This attribute is introduced to correlate the request and response




ShipmentOrigin represents the origin station of the routing for a shipment


ShipmentDestination represents the destination station of the routing for a shipment


This is the earliest LAT (Latest Acceptance Time) at the shipment origin station considering all routes of the response.


This is the latest TOA (Time of Availability) at the shipment destination station considering all routes of the response.


In case of later flight search, use this value as fromDate


In case of earlier flight search, use this value as fromDate


Unique 3-Letter Code to identify a Lufthansa Cargo product (see "productCode").

.routes: []



Represents the routing sequence number


LAT (Latest Acceptance Time) of this specific routing


TOA (Time of Availability) of this specific routing.


CO2 emission in kg per 1.000 kg shipment weight

...FlightSegments []

1 – n flights matching the request.


Serial number of the segment in the route. If the route is HAM-FRA-JFK, then the segment HAM-FRA gets "1" and the segment FRA-JFK gets "2".


Departure station of the segment


Arrival station of the segment


Flight number of the segment


Flight date of the segment


Departure date and time of the segment


Arrival date and time of the segment


Aircraft type, e. g. "77X", "333"