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Prior Agreement APIs

Here you can find our APis which requiere a prior agrrement before useage.

Should you wish to use our APIs that require a Prior Agreement or have any questions regarding these APIs, please feel free to contact us. 

Please use our contact formular to get in touch with us.

Register for an AccountSelect the Partner APIs you are interested inOur responsible business department willreview your requestOur responsible business departmentwill contact you to clarify any questionsopen questions.Approval is givenProvision of the API key initially for our testenvironment. In exceptional cases directly for ourproduction environment. The API key can beretrieved from the Developer Portal. The login isvalid for both environments after your registration.You will be informed once the API key for our testenvironment is available by email.Begin of the Staging phase.Staging processAt the end of the staging phase acceptance by theresponsible departmentProvision of the API key for our productionenvironment. You will be informed by email oncethe key is available.TestProdAPI Key